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I have loved cars since I was young. It started with Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars, then a HO race car track and then real cars. My mom had received a 1967 Camaro Convertible RS from my dad as her first new car ever, a Christmas present to her in 1966. When I was old enough to drive, the Camaro had been parked as it had rusted out. Mom now had a 1973 firebird. I took my driver’s test in that Firebird. A couple of years later my dad and I painted that firebird and I was hooked on playing with cars. When I was 17, during my senior year of high school, I bought my first vehicle. It was a 1976 GMC 4x4, black with a red interior. It wasn’t long until it had a lift kit, big tire, roll bar with lights, big wheels and tires. I then had to custom paint it, black with red and gray stripes. From there I tinkered with cars off and on, but no full-on customs until 1991. For Christmas, my parents gave me the 1967 Camaro convertible that had been my mom’s. I completely restored the car, but it only did okay at car shows. I wanted a car published in a magazine: so in 2001, I bought and built another 1967 Camaro. I put Corvette suspension under it, customized the door handles, and had a custom interior built. This Camaro (Yellow Camaro) was photographed by 5 magazines and started my recognition as a car builder. From there, I rebuilt my mom’s 1967 Camaro, named Octane. Then I built Code Red, the 1972 Firebird. Next on the list was Brute Force, my 1971 Camaro. After that, I completed Orange Rush, a 1969 C10 Pickup Truck. Most recently I built The Green Mamba, a 1968 Corvette.
I am currently building a 1963 Corvette; name to be determined.
I have transitioned from building drivable show cars to building show cars you could race: to now what I call, racecars that can be shown. My love for driving and racing them has surpassed my desire to sit at a car show. I’d rather be on the track competing.
You can follow me on Facebook at Muscle cars by Bob.
Click a link below to see photos and information on each car build. 
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1968 Corvette

1969 C10 Pickup Truck

1971 Camaro

1972 Firebird

1967 Camaro

1967 Camaro

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