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From the introduction...

I'm a third-generation business owner. My grandfather started a company in the mid 1940's and passed away shortly after, leaving my dad to take over in his twenties. I watched my dad my entire adolescent life, manage and run a company. I acquired some good habits and some bad habits as a business owner. I have grown a lot as a businessperson, and my prospective has changed over the years as to what works and what doesn't work in business.


In my present company, A Plus Powder Coaters, Inc., I have watched it emerge as a forerunner of what a Christian company should look like. This book is an aggregate of all God has taught me about business over the years. I hope that what has taken me decades to learn, you can learn in a few hours. Being a businessperson is a calling from God. As such, we need to honor God with our business and how we run it. I hope and pray this book causes you to view your company in a new way. May you embrace your calling as a businessperson and honor God with your company.

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From the Introduction…

God gave us the ability to produce wealth. God showed me over twenty years ago that I was to be a financier in the Kingdom – someone who brings the finances to a ministry for the ministry to not only survive but flourish. No ministry can exist without money.
I knew my calling was to make wealth and honor God with it. I also realized I am not the only one created to make wealth. I believe there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of men and women of God who are called to make wealth. This book is about that calling.

- Bob Bertelsen


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