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About Us

Finish Line’s goal is to educate and provide resources on how to create a healthy, Godly perspective on money and wealth. Finish Line will guide you on how to position you for wealth, instruct you how to become financers in the kingdom of God and support ministries. From a business perspective, Finish Line will teach you how to honor God with your business, develop a better culture within your business, and facilitate you in bringing value to your greatest assets, your employees. Finish Line is the roadmap to success in these areas of finance.

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About Bob

Bob Bertelsen has well over 30 years in business and founded his current company A Plus Powder Coaters, Inc. in 1996. He has worked diligently to develop a great culture in his company where the employees have established the values; Respect, Attitude & Quality. A Plus Powder Coaters, Inc. was named business of the year in 2016 by the Columbiana Ohio Chamber of Commerce, which he credits to his employees for their values and culture. Bob mentors several businessmen helping them establish Godly principles in their companies and honoring God with their resources. Bob currently sits on the Custom Coaters Steering Committee for PCI (Powder Coaters Institute). He served as a director to the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce for many years. Bob’s academic resume may not be impressive as he struggled to graduate High School and has only taken a couple college classes. What he lacks in formal education was replaced with learning by trial and error, hard times and life lessons. From a flooded business to a burned down business, God has spoken to him. When Bob is not working on business or mentoring businessmen, he can be found at the track where he is an avid race car driver currently racing a 68 Corvette or in his garage building his next race car, a 1963 Corvette. Bob is an active part of Real Living Ministries and loves spending time with his wife of over 35 years and their 3 grown daughters. Bob has just completed a book on finances and hopes to publish it soon.

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